Abbotsleigh Senior School Drama Room


Project Brief:

Civic Australia was commissioned to upgrade the old-world stadium seating of the drama room to provide a facelift to the facility & transform the room for the budding performers.

Project Results:

Abbotsleigh Senior School creates an environment for girls that encourages each individual to ‘develop her potential by fostering her pursuit of personal and academic excellence.’ The drama room is where dancing, acting & music begins. Lighting throws colour round the blackened room, the music rises to a crescendo & a stage invites students to watch & evaluate performances.

Abbotsleigh in consultation with Civic Australia decided a complete platform refurbishment would enhance the aesthetics & function of the room. From the green stadium seating staged on a timber platform to the upholstered Seeger 510 beam seats fixed to a carpeted platform, the students now have the foundations for Broadway!

A student’s education is very important to us at Civic Australia & we value each school’s methodology to achieve this end. By creating an environment that includes comfortable & coordinating furnishings & furniture, we believe a student’s education is well on the way to reaching its full potential.

Civic Australia in sync with Abbotsleigh: ‘tempus celeries radio fugit
(Time flies faster than a weaver’s shuttle)

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