Sydney City School of Law - Moot Courtroom

Canvas (Before): Classroom

Concept (During): 3D Rendered Drawings

Completion (After): Moot Courtroom

The 21st century lawyer begins here. As one of the most engaging experiences in judicial education, the Sydney City School of Law experience transforms students from 'wannabe judges' into fully-fledged lawyers. Equipped with resources to create a career of their own standing.

The Moot Courtroom brings order to the court. Considered one of the ‘specialist’ areas of the school, this room provides the ideal context for students to re-inact the legal battle. Furnished with neatly constructed timber veneer desks & defendant’s hub, the judge’s executive chair, tub lounges for the prosecutor & lawyer & tablet seating for the jury, this room fosters an interactive environment that gives students access to world of knowledge & experience.

Civic worked closely with management staff of Sydney City SCSL to build a 3D concept for the existing classroom, complete with carpet, fixed furniture & seating to bring to life a project before it was built. As the images will show, the concept was constructed with exact precision from the layout until the finishing touches. Utilising our ‘Concept to Completion’ motto we transformed the canvas of a classroom into a dynamic space for law students.

Civic Australia in helping create the best practice through legal education facilities.

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