Blue Mountains Grammar Prep School

Upon walking into the Learning Hub at Blue Mountains Grammar Preparatory School, you are greeted with a rainbow of colour. Reds, blues, greens & yellows…this hub screams energy! You can’t help but get enthusiastic as the vibe of the room envelopes you.

Students from pre-kindergarten to year 4 thrive in this Learning Hub. Positioned in the centre of a circle of classrooms, this Hub is a go-to for reading, fun activities, relaxing & collaboration. As the students crowd in, the noise heightens & the place comes alive! There’s a gathering at the campfire, a fervent clicking on computers, enthusiastic conversation increases as discoveries are made & if you listen carefully you can hear the page of a book turn. The watchful teacher goes from group to group venturing into the discoveries the students have made.

Furniture in all shapes & sizes has accommodated the requirements of the Learning Hub. It has assisted in creating an environment that is energetic, vibrant & comfortable. Civic Australia designed & specified furniture for the Hub in collaboration with staff to create this environment that oozes modern day pedagogy.

Civic Australia in sync with Blue Mountains Grammar Preparatory School: ‘…Nurturing them as they grow up together…’

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