Richard Johnson Anglican School – The Hive

Richard Johnson Anglican School’s mission is to make a profound difference in the life of every student enrolled at the school. Wanting to inspire a love of learning, We were approached by Richard Johnson to help them create a junior library that was unlike anything we’ve created before.

The school’s vision was to design and create an attractive learning space for primary aged students; drawing them in and stimulating their senses to provide a wonderfully bright, happy and comfortable environment for all. Our Interior Design and Project Management teams worked together with Alleanza Architecture to capture the school’s vision.

As suggested by its name, The Hive was inspired by nature with its honeycomb bookshelves, floral motifs, natural wood and a colour palette inspired by the outdoors – all centred around a stunning tree centrepiece that sets imaginations on fire.

Designed to cater for students from years K to 6, the space is flexible with a music room, quiet reading nooks, study areas and clever “flower” tables that can be moved around to suit group or individual learning.

The end result exceeded every expectation, with students, teachers and parents overjoyed with the transformation.

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