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Botany Public School

Botany Public School had a problem. Their library was old and dated, leaving students and staff feeling uninspired. The space was underutilised and didn’t offer the flexibility required for modern learning. Wanting to work with a single supplier, the school approached Civic Australia for a turnkey solution.

Bright rainbow colours and flexible furniture were just two elements of the initial concept that parents and staff fell in love with. Creating different zones within the library, the Civic Australia team were able to provide students and staff with designated spaces for learning, collaboration, and relaxation.

On any given weekday, the new library is a hub of activity with teachers, students and staff all enjoying the updated space.


A.B. Paterson College

Spaces Involved:

Classroom, Library

Student Level:


Project Scope:

Interior Design, Furniture, Joinery, Acoustic Elements, Minor Construction

Team Involved

Ben Rowland

Glenn Thorncroft

Products Used in This Project