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Undoubtably, the library is at the heart of every school. Its a place where students gather, collaborate & gain insights to increase their learning & understanding.

It fits in with every facet of learning for students – its an essential part of the 21st century learning environment. At Blue Mountains Grammar School, the library completely embraces this culture of collaboration.

From chairs & tables, loose ottomans, cave units, & a vibrant campfire unit, the library is alive with activity & reason to get together & share ideas, concepts & new-found knowledge. The staff have found that the refurbished library has attracted more students per day in the past weeks since it has been completed. The school has been given the clues on how to make the library an attractive & welcoming space using bright colours, unique furniture while keeping the flow of the furniture, fit for purpose.


The role of the library is a physical & virtual space to expand one’s learning with access to many resources. School libraries need to connect & engage with today’s students in a way that was never explored with the sudents of yesteryear. Blue Mountains Grammar School have used this ideology to create an environment that supports teachers & students as they progress through their learning pathways.

To enquire further regarding school libraries, call 1800 228 877 or submit an enquiry HERE.