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2017 Calls for New Levels in Learning!

A new year – a new start. Students all round the country will be starting a new school year in anticipation that this year will be better & bigger than the last. The new school bags, stationary & the pair of shiny shoes, you can almost smell the 7am vegemite toast wafting up the stairs.

It is all those familiarities that brings kids back to school, but it is the dynamic environment that keeps them there. Does your school own a dynamic environment, that reaches the new levels in learning for 2017?

Learn how. Civic Australia is here to help you. We first met with the staff at Our Lady of Mercy College (shown above) at the Edutech Show in June 2016. Since our collaboration we have built a new school environment that uses the best flexible learning furniture & layouts to achieve a new level in learning. Students are no longer restricted to the desk & chair style of learning, rather a dynamic approach that embraces soft seating, mobile tables & varying heights of working. See more images of Our Lady of Mercy College HERE.

We work with schools around Australia to help change the approach to learning. We see 2017 as a year where teachers & staff are more educated, aware & embracive of the new learning practices. We have noticed results within days of installing our furniture – students love the ‘fun’ factor that is inherit in the products.

Would you like to join the top performing schools & become a forward thinking enviornment of fun, vitality & high performance? Call Civic Australia to begin. Offering space planning, interior design, custom manufacturing & installation – we can help take your school to the next level.

P: 1800 228 877