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A good learning centre is at the heart of every school. Without one, the school is merely a place of limited resources. Learning centres are the hub that keeps the school buzzing!

However taking learning centres to the next level requires a ‘next-generation’ form of thinking to accommodate for the ‘next-generation’ form of learning.


So what is ‘next-generation’ learning?

The next-generation is a teaching & providing an environment for this generation of students in view of the next generation of students coming through. It involves a more student-centred space that allows students to express their creativity & direct their own learning.

How have St Dominic’s College done it?

The Edmund Rice Learning Centre at St Dominic’s College has been transformed into a dynamic learning space that breaks away from the traditional library silence. No longer a place for just quiet reading, it now embraces flexible learning to create a fun, engaging & exciting hub. Bright colours & modular furniture have assisted in attracting students to the space which they now consider cool. The welcoming atmosphere brings a smile to the librarian’s face as she now manages the most popular place in the school. Once the students are back from holidays there is barely a quite moment.

The area permits a lot of student movement & interaction. Many have commented on the open, airy feel that the furniture has given. The learning centre is not merely holding the resources necessary for an activity, but now a lively environment that thrive’s on student’s creativity & imagination. St Dominic’s have provided a space that facilitates growth which will in turn cater for the next-generation of learning.

Whether its collaboration in the Campfire Units, quiet study & meditation in the Cave Units or scanning the shelves for information, the learning centre has a spot for everyone. Teachers enjoy the fact that students are continually occupied in the flexible environment, in whatever task they chose to do.

How do I begin to create the next-generation learning environment?

Think about where you would like to see your students in 10 years time? What lifelong skills would you like them to have? How would the environment they are in now impact their future? Is their current environment relevant to the life the students would like to lead?

Civic Australia is happy to help out with discussing your requirements for your next-generation learning centre.

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