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Our Lady of the Nativity

With a larger kindergarten intake, staff were presented with the challenge of finding a larger space for their new students, thus calling on Civic Australia to help create a new Kindergarten facility.

Better utilising the space, the new Kindergarten building allows the students to learn through play, with a whimsical colour palette and fun furniture pieces. Each custom designed by the Civic Australia team, the new furniture is easily moved, allowing staff to customise the rooms to their lessons.


Our Lady of the Nativity

Spaces Involved:

Classroom, Library, Staff Room

Student Level:


Project Scope:

Interior Design, Furniture, Minor Construction, Joinery, Acoustic Elements

Designed with a long-term vision, the new building is one of the selling points for the school, with parents able to see the school’s dedication to providing an innovative learning experience.

Team Involved

Ben Rowland

Glenn Thorncroft

Products Used in This Project

Quiz Setting
Saucer Table