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St Mary’s Cathedral College

St Mary’s Cathedral College is a private Roman Catholic secondary day school for boys located in the heart of Sydney, New South Wales. The school is well established, and located on the same grounds as the well-known St. Mary’s Cathedral Church.

Having been around for such an extended period of time, the school felt some spaces could use a lift, whilst keeping the historical walls and respected features of the building.

The selected spaces to refurb were the Library area,, the Staff Room and a Lecture Theatre. Civic Australia’s flexibility, range and various skill sets truly shined through this project. The Lecture Theatre was reconstructed entirely, and the other spaces with furniture fit out to refresh the space.


St Mary’s Cathedral College

Project Scope:

Furniture, Joinery

Student Level:


Spaces Involved:

Classroom, Library, Lecture Theatre

The final 3 spaces turned out looking marvellous, very well received by staff, students and teachers. It transformed restricted use of furniture, to modern, flexible and configurable pieces suitable for all learning modes.

The space is harmonious, flowing through each of the spaces whilst encompassing different styles based on the furniture requirements. From lecture theatres to break outs, to classroom and library settings, Civic Australia’s capabilities have shown diverse range and quality throughout.

Team Involved

Ben Rowland

Glenn Thorncroft

Products Used in This Project