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In this featured project, Canterbury College has taken things to a whole new level by applying these famous words by Steve Jobs. The design and functionality of this space work seamlessly together, serving the user’s purpose as well as making a strong, aesthetic statement.

The library space encompasses principals from our Mode 3 philosophy, being the four sectors of Campfire, Cave, Waterhole and Mountain Top. This concept applies to all types of learning and is extremely versatile. The highlight of this project has to be its overall statement. It has a very strong design edge, and makes a bold statement. There is a variety of colours that complement each other, keeping the space fun and exciting in each zone. With different patterns and textures, the interior designer has worked closely with the clients to fit everybody’s brief, whilst keeping a consistent theme of playful yet mature designs.

Civic Australia in sync with Canterbury College, ‘A Whole New Level’, so take your educational space to a whole new level with some new, flexible furniture. Make a statement, make the functionality and aesthetics fall hand in hand, inevitably becoming the best result. Civic Australia specialises in classroom layout, design & furniture for the 21st century learning environment. Call 1800 228 877 or email us at to find out more.