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Australian Christian College, Moreton Bay

In their final years of school, students begin to make the academic choices which lay the foundation for their future lives and careers.

Australian Christian College Moreton’s Secondary School is a place where students are exposed to a variety of programs and pathways that cater to different aspirations, allowing every student to follow a path that matches their gifts and interests.

Custom made and fit for purpose furniture was at the heart of the design, with the Civic Australia team creating pieces that support learning, encourage participation and collaboration and create a warm and welcoming environment.

With the school equipping students for their future, it was important that the development supported that vision, taking inspiration from universities and corporate environments and creating a mature feel where secondary students are inspired to take charge of their learning.


Australian Christian College

Spaces Involved:

Library, Outdoor, Café, Science

Student Level:


Project Scope:

Interior Design, Furniture, Joinery

But it’s not just about learning. With student wellbeing at the heart of the design, the new development also included bright and engaging breakout spaces such as the Cafeteria where students can rest, relax and socialise between classes.

From quiet study nooks to social group areas and classrooms designed for collaboration and group work, every detail has been considered; creating a state-of-the-art senior school that is committed to helping every student reach their full potential.

Team Involved

Ben Rowland

Katarina Klomp

Products Used in This Project

The Versa Table