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Nearly 100 students from year 12 are currently sitting the HSC at Tara Anglican School for Girls & you can bet that a good 80% will be sitting in the Band 6 Category! Find out why….

Can you imagine the colossal amount of hours that have been invested in HSC study. For the last 13 years of a students life, they have been working towards this set of exams which will determine their future.

So…how, as a school can you improve their quality of learning to provide the best environment to give your students the best HSC-Ready experience? At Civic Australia, we believe it all starts with having the right surroundings; peers, school facilities, furniture & resources. Tara Anglican School for Girls has mastered the furniture & facilities factor.

From the image above, you can see a vibrant room, filled with decorative ottomans, green pinboard walls & modish-shaped desks. Its a welcoming space that invites students to collaborate & develop their skills. For the few months that the Tara girls have worked in this room, they have enjoyed a vivid learning experince that goes far beyond the rigid lines of chairs & desks. The lime green & dark blues hues combine to provide a calming atmosphere, while exuding dramatic spots of energetic orange. Its the correct blend of comfortable furniture, eye-catching colours & flexible layouts that make a 21st century classroom HSC-Ready.

Do it right by the student & in the end, they’ll do it right by you. If you invest in good school facilities & furniture, you will immediatly notice the difference in students enthusiasm levels, which in turn will lead to improved results in school work.

Good luck to all of the Tara Anglican School Girls!

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