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Lourdes Hill College knows how to get students career minded…with a brand new careers centre! Coaching & guiding senior students on their career pathways, this area has been developed to foster & build the talents of students in order to kick-start their career.

Emerging from unused space in office buildings, factories and warehouses, creative hubs have come into their own as beautifully designed spaces, equipped with all the facilities required to facilitate learning and development in a digital world.


Creating the Workforce of Tomorrow: How Lourdes Hill College’s Career Centre is Changing Lives

As senior high school students prepare to tackle the big, wide, world there is a world of opportunity at their feet. To ensure these students are prepared for what’s ahead, many schools employ a career adviser to guide and advise students whilst exploring their career and education options and assisting them to apply for jobs or further study. These teachers are an essential part of high school life, liaising with parents, teachers, employers, community agencies and training providers to empower the next generation of the workforce.

Lourdes Hill College recognised the importance of these programs, creating a dedicated on-campus careers centre. Designed to guide students on the pathway of their chosen career, the careers centre is a bright and inviting space which empowers students to go after their dreams.

As you enter the careers centre, you’ll see a quote from Lao Tzu printed on the walls; A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – but students at Lourdes Hill are actually already one step ahead of their peers. With careers advisers providing them with all the relevant resources needed to help them make informed decisions about their futures, these students are given a head start into the big wide world that is rife with competition and uncertainty.

Creating the Ideal Space to Inspire

Wanting to create a zone where senior students could discuss future opportunities, the fit out at Lourdes Hill was created to be bright and thought-provoking to inspire and encourage students to plan for their future. Civic Australia planned the layout of the room to encourage a mix of collaboration, quiet thinking, group discussions and presentations.

Using a mix of Campfire Units, Pod Units, Loose Ottomans, Loose Chairs and Lecture style seating, the Civic Australia team created an exciting space that is loved by both students and staff.