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A GRAND Entrance can only match a GRAND inside. The dormitories at the International College of Management signify standard of excellence in the world of Academia

Studies have shown that first-year students living on campus perform better academically than those who live off campus. One of the reasons may be that students living in dorms are closer to the resources they need; library, teachers & classrooms. Or maybe its because the meal plan that comes with most dorms takes the pressure off having to forage for food, giving students more time to think & study. And you can always find a study buddy – someone to share the workload with.

Long gone are the dark, drab prison cells or dormitory living. The ones at ICMS are squeaky clean, white, bright & welcoming. The management staff took a minimalist approach to the dormitories choosing light neutral finishes over against a distinct style. This gives students a clean palette to decorate the room show they wish. Situated in the heart of the Northern Beaches (Manly), the ICMS is a school of optimum excellence. A 5-minute walk to the beach, shops & every convenience, the student lifestyle is nothing short of spectacular!


Civic Australia worked closely with management to fit-out 80 rooms, including a triple room & a disabled room to house students from the world over. A fresh coat of paint, brand new carpet, vanity, bedding & furniture, students have the luxury of updated facilities with access to wireless internet, a room phone & a window that lets the refreshing sea breeze in. Custom-built wardrobes, desk units & bedheads complete a dormitory room deserving of a dedicated student on their pathway to professionalism.

For those who have walked through the grand corridors at ICMS will know, the standard of high distinction is well recognized. And this same standard of excellence was applied to the dormitory fit-out. Civic Australia designed, manufactured & installed a dormitory fit-out that catered to the requirements of the design brief, met the needs of practicality & provided a high level of accommodation for students.

Civic Australia in sync with ICMS: ‘It won’t be just an education; it will be the experience of your life.’

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