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Ever heard of the ‘7 Habits of Highly Successful People’?

If not, google it & you’ll soon find resounding notes of success from Stephen Covey. Read on and we can give some clues into proven success.

We are born with a portion of talent, but we are not born with success. Success is earnt. Its earnt over ear time, over learning, and with support. Ask yourself, would you like your child or sibling to be successful? Of course, its obvious success is starry-eyed in every youngster, teenager and adult. Success in the form of scoring higher than your friends, achieving the highest mark, winning a dream career or reaching a financial goal. Whatever shape or form, everyone wants (needs) success in order to fulfil their sense of achievement.

So where does it all begin?

For the first 5 years of a child’s life success is built around parenting. However, for the next 13 years most of the child’s life is spent in school. Its in those 13 years that a child develops and matures to become an adult. At Civic we find those years crucial to the success of an adults future. Having a good foundation in school will help prepare students for what lies ahead.

Take a look inside Macarthur Anglican School….one step inside their newly furnished library is testament to proven success. Students are literally buzzing! Researching at the computer desks, lounging in the campfire, studying in the caves, collaborating at the waterhole – there is no student left floundering. It is not solely technology that has made this impact (although it plays a part), but a renovation of the existing environment in the form of furniture, shelving & paint colours.

Ask any of the students (or staff) and they will tell you how much they love the library. From a tired teaching environment, it has now been transformed into a hub of energy. Students an individual space allotted to their every need. It’s a flexible space that doesn’t impede on learning, rather enhances the brain power and enthusiasm levels of students while they learn without even noticing.

So is proven success something your school can boast about? Share your spaces with us, we would be happy to share expertise and knowledge gained from transforming environments.

If you’re interested in changing your space to gear it for proven success….call 1800 228 877 or email to begin.