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The 21st century has revolutionised education…& it keeps changing!

No longer are we thinking just chairs & tables (well, we shouldn’t be anymore). The thinking around education has evolved into a space that is no longer defined by an institutionalised building, but by budding, creative students who want to explore, grow & learn.

We’re not telling you to get rid of all your chairs & desks, however their is a newer, more flexible approach to learning, that if embraced can reap the benefits of increased learning & development in your students. For example, have you ever thought of differing the heights at which your students work at? The standard desk height is 720mm (Secondary Students). If you have your students the choice of sitting at a bar height, desk heigh & floor height…you are suddenly presenting your students with 3 choices, 3 opportunities, 3 boredom breakers to enhance the platform of learning! Simple & effective.

Not only are students reaping the benefits, the teachers & staff are too! Not to miss out on the fun, teachers are enjoying the flexibility created with these spaces. As Mark from Holy Cross College commented; ‘We have found the campfire unit an essential part of our flexible learning area, its a collaboration & study unit all in one. In fact, after witnessing the students working in this unit, I called Civic & arranged for another unit!’ Teachers can leave students to work on their own or in collaborative groups to produce the best result in learning. It frees up the teachers time, lessens their efforts put into classroom discipline & allows them to interact with students with increased one to one.

So what has brought on this rapid change in learning? Some educators have put it down to the fact that we have been to slow to recognise the change & its just come upon us all at once, others say that technology has been the catalyst to change, others its a combination of technology & allowing individual freedom’s into schools, hence helping students relate to reality in a better way (university, the workplace & making their own choices). Whatever the case – flexible learning has arrived WHAAM!! Embrace it or chase it.

Have you ever thought beyond the type of furniture you need to create the 21st century classroom? Civic Australia can not only help you with sourcing & creating the right furniture to suit your space, but include layout suggestions, colours & finishes.

For more infornation in the meantime, please call 1800 228 877 or email