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What is the secret to a chirpy learning hub? Is it the colours, the students, the teachers, the furniture? At Civic Australia, we believe its the vibe. So what is vibe?

Defined in the dictionary as the ‘general emotional feeling one has from another person or a place, situation, etc.’ At Blue Mountains Grammar Preparatory School the staff & students have captured the vibe in a crystal ball & spread it throughout the central learning hub. Check it out HERE!

Bright, primary colours are combined in the furniture, finishes, books & the mats. Wherever you look, you are greeted with happiness through the magic of colour. A mix of shapes & sizes both clash & combine to create interest & discovery.

Upon walking into the learning hub, you are welcomed with a junior sized campfire unit that is large enough to accommodate 10 students plus a teacher. Upholstered in a cartoon foliage designed fabric there is an element of both nature & fun. Coordinating ottomans are positioned on the outside of the unit to provide a mobile seat for students.


Progress further round to the right hand wall where students can work at computers, sitting comfortably on the flexible Evo Chairs. Arranged in small groups & against the wall, students can choose to work individually or collaborate in groups.

A mix of beanbags have been splayed amongst the rows of books. Move futher round to the large mat with ottomans, soft toys & displays of books…you could stay here all day!

Blue Mountains Grammar Preparatory School has provided a rich learning environment which optimises the growth, potential & wellbeing of students. From this Chirpy Learning Hub, students progress to their classrooms full of newfound energy.