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The Hills Grammar School

Recently, we had the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey with The Hills Grammar School, turning a bold vision into reality.

Our task was clear yet ambitious: design and construct a new Science Lab that not only serves as a learning facility but also as a beacon of inspiration for students to see themselves in roles beyond the classroom walls.

Project Scope

Design & Construction

Spaces Involved:

Science Lab

Student Level:


Hills Grammar envisioned a science lab that mirrored the sophistication and interactive nature of university-level facilities, putting a strong emphasis on student-centred learning. This aligned perfectly with our belief in creating spaces that inspire and foster identity in students across various disciplines.

The whole process with Civic Australia was incredibly transparent, we felt we were listened to even when there might have been some disagreement about design they were really open and they were adaptive to what we wanted to do

Karen Yager

Principal at Hills Grammar

Transparency, open communication, and adaptability were key throughout this process. We valued the school’s input at every stage, ensuring that even when faced with design disagreements, we remained flexible and focused on achieving the ultimate goal. The result was a space that exceeded all expectations, symbolizing a new era for educational environments.

Team Involved

Trent Martin

Snejana Ivanova