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SmartPlay, Marsden Park

Civic Australia was tasked with designing a space for SmartPlay Marsden Park. The challenge was to create a space that was not only fun, versatile and safe, but also flexible and durable. This flexibility was crucial, as the space would need to be repurposed in a few years for additional classrooms as the school grows.

One significant challenge faced during the design process was the differing shapes of each room, despite having the same requirements such as the number of students, chairs, and storage space. There were also restrictions on fixing joinery to walls.

Civic Australia overcame these challenges through innovative solutions. They opted for modular furniture, creating pieces that could easily be rearranged or moved as needed. This approach allowed them to maximize the use of the space, regardless of the room’s shape or size.


Christian Education Ministries

Spaces Involved:


Student Level:

Early Learning

To further enhance flexibility, wheels were added to the furniture. This allowed for easy manoeuvring, adding an extra layer of versatility to the space. The result was a durable, flexible and fun environment that can adapt to the changing needs of SmartPlay Marsden Park, testament to the innovative thinking and design expertise of Civic Australia.

Team Involved

Ben Rowland
Client Relations

Katarina Klomp
Senior Designer

Reuben Harris
Project Manager