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Introducing our FREE Webinar Series.

We understand how the education sector is currently being affected by a global pandemic. Observing a common thread of challenges in the daily management of education, we have recognised a need for sharing experiences and tips amongst all schools, to ensure the sector as a whole comes through stronger.

We are pleased to announce we are hosting a series of webinars with industry leaders in the education sector. Beginning on the 10th of September, the weekly webinars will be live streamed for 30 – 45 minutes at 10.30am


Throughout the series we will cover topics that involve all areas of the education ecosystem (organisation, staff, students & parents). You also get the chance of asking questions to our guest speakers.

This webinar series is not about us; but rather an opportunity to coordinate support and advice to all educational bodies. A chance to truly demonstrate our appreciation for the Australian education system.

MEET THE HOST: Ben Rowland

Ben began servicing education sector in 2005 and has progressed with Civic Australia, helping clients customise and design flexible learning spaces. He has a family of his own & wants to do his bit in giving back to the education community.