Nowra Public School

Cluttered and uninspiring, Nowra Public School’s library just wasn’t working for their students and staff. Limited by the furniture and layout, staff wanted to better utilise the space for learning, calling in the Civic Australia team to redesign the space and create something that would inspire their students.

Wanting to create a multipurpose space, Civic Australia sat down with staff from Nowra Public School to design a series of unique “zones” where students could learn, relax and enjoy.

With so many different zones it was important that we considered the acoustics, with the team incorporating acoustic elements that would soften the sound and allow multiple groups to work separately in the one space. 

Cosy reading nooks allow students to stop and relax, immersing themselves in a good book whilst peers work on a group project in another corner. Designed with flexibility in mind, much of the furniture is on wheels or easy to move so staff can quickly transform the space to suit their lesson. 

Whilst the books are all still there and the traditional library feel has not been lost, the updated space has opened a world of opportunities for students and staff, creating a space where students can simultaneously study, collaborate, relax and learn. 

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