Sydney College of English


Chromatic, not chaotic… that’s how the students & staff at the Sydney College of English like it. Colour, colour & more colour. The vibrant hues bounce off the walls, floors & furniture. Its what makes the school lively & inspiring, it’s a language that everyone can communicate in!

Studies have shown that colour in classrooms helps to lift the mood & levels of performance. Not only that, it looks welcoming & inviting! From mundane to interesting, the Sydney College of English has made classrooms inspiring learning places for all beginners & advanced students.

Classrooms are filled with the popular Evo Chair. This chair shell has the unique ability to bend completely flat & then, as if by magic, reform itself into its original shape. Unsusceptible to vandalism & the general wear & tear of everyday use, this chair is used by many schools around Australia.  Available in a vibrant range of colours; Mango, Red, Olive Green, Charcoal, Navy & White.

Create a student experience that is full of colour & activity. A simple injection of colour in the furniture & furnishings can make all the difference.

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