Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie)


Civic has transformed the interiors of the Churchie's learning spaces! Using a range of furniture, this environment is both productive & welcoming for students & teachers alike.

Project Brief:

To create the classroom of the future where students can freely interact & have convenient access to a host of resources.

Project Results:

As part of the MasterPlan for Churchie Grammar, Civic Australia was commissioned to create the Flexible Learning Area; The Classroom of the Future. Collaborating with the Churchie Vision15+, we developed a space that will provide one of the best teaching & learning experiences, available globally.

Churchie is a big player in the international sphere & strives to expand their capabilities to provide an enriched learning experience that is technologically advanced, dynamic & houses the foundations of tomorrow’s teachers. The school community is one of vibrant & purposeful education that attracts the best in staff & students.

The Classroom of the Future is a creative mix of ottoman seating, café tables & custom-made modular furniture that assists the development of inventive young minds. Complimentary colours coupled with a high standard of quality provides the future generation learning areas that inspires young men to think & approach tasks differently.

Only facilities like this demand the best of the growing men; ‘well-rounded gentlemen, scholars, athletes, musicians, leaders and servants’ 1.

Civic Australia in sync with the Churchie motto: ‘Making of Men.

Furniture featured on this project:

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