Holy Cross College

Project Brief:

To fill a space with creative & inspiring furniture pieces that would encourage students to work, study & collaborate.

Project Results:

For a school with a grand history & a reputation of excellence, this Inspiring Learning space serves to add value to the current learning experience. As part of it’s Strategic Plan, this space helps to achieve priority 4; Quality Learning. Holy Cross College commissioned Civic to design, make & install the furniture required.

An Inspiring Learning Space is a productive learning space. Students of the 21st century thrive in an environment that is eye-catching, comfortable & contains the resources they need. At Holly Cross College, the quality learning style has been extended to include a Flexible Learning Centre, complete with furniture of all shapes & sizes.

What a better way to get motivated for learning than to walk into a room full of welcoming furniture, creatively set out to promote both collaboration & self-directed learning? For the boys at Holy Cross College, they can choose to work at the campfire unit to stimulate teamwork, sit at the Pod units for a more focused learning approach or relax on the long bench seat lounges to meditate & unwind. There is an area set up for each student, whatever the wim or learning demands.

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